Hot Pink Wool Viscose Twill 255gsm $38 pm

Hot Pink Wool Viscose Twill 255gsm $38 pm

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0.25 metres (0.27 yards)

Samples available for $1.00
Threads are available for $4.80

This gorgeous light weight wool viscose twill is a stunning and versatile fabric which can be made up in a wide variety of garments.  We suggest lining it for pants, skirts and jackets.  It will also make up beautifully in dresses, tops and shirts.  

50% Wool, 50% Viscose

Width: 148 cm

Weight: 255 gsm

Matches Gütermann thread no: 

Recommended wash:  Dryclean

Please order a sample if colour, weight or transparency is important to you.  Sample size is approximately 7 cm x 12 cm which are $1 each.